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Morel mushrooms are delicious, if you can find them
Thu, Apr 19th 2012, 14:55

Yep, it’s that time of the year again! Time to put on the boots, get a bag, and head to the woods to look for those precious little morsels, called morels or sponge mushrooms. I LOVE morels! I love them fried in flour and butter, sautéed with onions and veggies, deep fried… any way they are prepared, I LOVE them! But, here’s the problem with morels; you need to find them first!

Most of us already know that morels or sponge mushrooms only appear in Ohio for a short time and then they’re gone, and most people have their favorite mushroom hunting spots. It’s usually a SECRET… so don’t ask them to share where they found the mushrooms!

I can tramp all over the woods and find nothing. Not one mushroom, but I have fun looking! It’s such a great time of the year to be outside in the woods; smelling all the blooms, seeing everything budding and coming to life again. But no matter how hard I look for those little mor

Lettuce doesn’t have to be boring, so get grillin’
Fri, Apr 6th 2012, 13:25

By Sherry Schie, Chef/Owner of Jazzy Cooking

Don’t you just love this weather? I mean, yes, I like a little snow during the Christmas season, but after that… it can be 70 degrees every day! So these nice days got me thinking about “grillin’”! Get out the burgers, and bring on the steaks. The grill is ready to go.

But lately, I’m really trying to eat “clean” - meaning more natural foods, nothing with additives or artificial anything. Clean. Natural. Real food. So when it comes to grilling, I know we naturally think of meats, but have you ever thought about grilling LETTUCE? Yes, you read that word correctly. Lettuce.

Lettuce can be pretty boring. There’s just not a lot of flavor to lettuce, so you need to bring in some flavor components by adding, most commonly, salad dressing or some other veggies to the salad you’re making. But, grilling the lettuce gives it that smoky flavor, along with the heat that b

Use dandelions for a delicious vinaigrette
Thu, Apr 5th 2012, 09:20

By Sherry Schie, Chef/Owner of Jazzy Cooking

This morning I woke up thinking of vinaigrette! Yep, vinaigrette, but not just any vinaigrette. I was thinking about what some might call “different” combinations. Things like blue cheese and pine nuts, smoked salts and peppercorns, figs and goat cheese. Then, it hit me, as I looked out my back door into the farmer’s field that is adjacent to my yard! Dandelions!

So, out I went… in my pj’s… to pick some dandelions. Oh, what my neighbors must think! I picked the smaller ones since they are not quite as bitter. You can use these little guys for so much; throw the flowers in a salad or deep-fry them, use the tender greens as the salad, boil the roots for tea and medicinal uses, or throw the flowers in some high quality extra virgin olive oil and make infused oil to use in a vinaigrette. That was my choice!

I decided to try simmering the flower blossoms in some extra v

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